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Sarah_Shin (21 of 31)

Beyond Colorblind readily lends itself to a book discussion group or a small group Bible study.  Each chapter ends with a handful of reflection questions.  It is recommended that the leader finish the book beforehand (particularly chapters 6-8, which discuss cross-cultural skills and tools to use in diverse settings).

Here is a suggested five-week format using the first half of the book, assuming that group members will have read the book beforehand

  • Week 1: Chapter One, Beyond Colorblind, discussion questions on pg 22-23
  • Week 2: Chapter Two, Ethnicities Made for Good, discussion questions on pg 40-41
  • Week 3: Chapter Three, The Cracks in Our Ethnicity, discussion questions on pg 59
  • Week 4: Chapter Four, Ethnicities Restored for Better, discussion questions on pg 79
  • Week 5: Chapter Five, Redeemed Ethnic Identities Sent Out to Heal, discussion questions on pg 97


If you’re looking for more in depth engagement, consider the companion small group studies that accompany the Beyond Colorblind Videos.