“This is groundbreaking work: first, it highlights how a lack of ethnic identity is a barrier to being effective witnesses, and then it calls all people to ethnic identity, awareness, healing, and reconciliation through the gospel. It’s brilliant and it’s good news!”

– JAMES CHOUNG, author of True Story and Real Life



“In this critical work, Sarah Shin lays the foundation for ethnic identity in a winsome manner and with a thoughtful approach. I’m convinced that when the light bulb turns on for the importance of ethnic identity, this book will become a can’t-miss resource.”

– DANIEL HILL, pastor, author of White Awake



“In Beyond Colorblind, Sarah Shin offers us a personal and practical resource as we explore the issues of ethnicity, race, and diversity in our fractured world.  With humility, wisdom, and compassion, Sarah calls us to ‘become ethnicity aware in order to address the beauty and brokenness in our ethnic stories and the stories of others.’ Essential reading for today.”

– JO SAXTON, chair of 3DMovements, speaker, author of More Than Enchanting



Beyond Colorblind is revolutionary; it is a prophetic, pragmatic, and plucky guide for recovering the gifts and blessings of our ethnic journey. Grounded in Scripture and empowered by personal narratives, this masterpiece is kingdom-focused, Christ-centered, and full of healing. Beyond being a ‘must-read’ book, this is a ‘must-study’ resource.”

– EMMETT G. PRICE III, executive director, Institute for the Study of the Black Christian Experience, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



“Beautifully written and astute. Sarah Shin takes readers on a deep, honest, and spiritual journey through the complications of our racial history. Along the way, she dismantles the objections of thin thinking and religious sentimentality while depositing a rich, nuanced, and healthy soil in its place. Whatever your background or level of experience in this conversation, Sarah’s voice and wisdom will add rich texture to your understanding. I can’t recommend Beyond Colorblind highly enough.”

– KEN WYTSMA, author of The Myth of Equality



“Sarah’s experience as a minster of the gospel as well as her voice as a woman of color brings a unique perspective that is both deeply theological and richly experiential. What a needed gift it is to have a resource on crosscultural fluency that is crafted for the whole church no matter what context.”

– SANDRA MARIA VAN OPSTAL, executive pastor, Grace and Peace Community, author of The Next Worship



“Sarah Shin calls us to move beyond our superficial understanding of culture, race, and ethnicity toward a more biblical theological approach that offers the hope of healing.”

– SOONG-CHAN RAH, North Park Theological Seminary, author of Prophetic Lament and The Next Evangelicalism



“Sarah Shin does what no one else has been able to do: connect a clear gospel summary with our stories of ethnic identity and reconciliation. I can’t remember the last time I was so expectant for an upcoming book to arrive.”

– DOUG SCHAUPP, national director of evangelism, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, coauthor of Breaking the Huddle



“How might Christian communities break away from the powerful grip of a colorblind narrative? By challenging Christians to reinterpret the significance and meaning of ethnicity through the lens of the good news of Jesus, this timely work points to a clear pathway forward that is biblical, pastoral, and prophetic. I strongly recommend Sarah Shin’s work to all Christians who seek to better understand how our Christian and ethnic identities intersect in today’s multicultural world.”

– PETER CHA, professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School