Use the Video Series for Small Group Bible Study

Beyond Colorblind Video-based Small group studies

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA has created bible study resources for your community to learn what God has to say about our unique identities and how to engage each other. Whether you are just starting to study your Bible or have been for years, these resources will help you grow in your ethnic identity, faith, and knowledge of God.

For four weeks, your community will engage in each other’s ethnic stories and learn how our stories tie to different aspects God’s greater story – the gospel. We will be looking at the beauty, brokenness, redemption, and restoration of our ethnic journeys.  

Be transformed in how you see yourself as God’s image, and join God in redeeming and restoring his world.

Share These InterVarsity Beyond Colorblind Bible Study Resources

Download a print friendly PDF of the Beyond Colorblind Bible Study. InterVarsity Bible Study Resources are designed for sharing with your Bible study, church group, and those you are discipling.

The first week is surrounding the question what is beautiful about our story as it relates to our cultural background and ethnicity. Download the leader guide for yourself and share the participant guide with your group.

Week One – Leaders Guide | Week One – Video

Week One – Participants Guide

The study continues with us talking through what is broken about our story as it relates to our cultural background and ethnicity.

Week Two – Leaders Guide | Week Two Video

Week Two – Participants Guide

This week, we will be specifically looking at the redemption and healing that we can experience through Jesus. 

Week Three – Leaders Guide | Week Three Video

Week Three – Participants Guide

As we see the brokenness in our cultural background and ethnicity, we hope you experience God’s plan of redemption for us.

Week Four – Leaders Guide | Week Four Video

Week Four – Participants Guide

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We are developing additional resources to equip world changers like yourself.  We use cutting edge technology to produces videos, websites, printed materials, and apps to share the gospel clearly.  

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