We can’t help heal what we can’t see.

Even if we try to be colorblind, our world is not.  Its pain is charged with ethnic and racial wounds.   

Colorblindness denies cultural beauty that God placed in each of our ethnic identities.  Colorblindness mutes our ability to steward all of who we are as we share and live out the gospel in a broken world.

We need something beyond colorblindness.


Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.


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“Essential reading for today.”


“In Beyond Colorblind, Sarah Shin offers us a personal and practical resource as we explore the issues of ethnicity, race, and diversity in our fractured world. This important book will prod at your heart at times, perhaps challenging you to reflect on your own assumptions. But it also serves to equip you—as a friend or neighbor, as a church or community leader, in work or in love. With humility, wisdom, and compassion, Sarah calls us to ‘become ethnicity aware in order to address the beauty and brokenness in our ethnic stories and the stories of others.’ Essential reading for today.” – JO SAXTON, chair of 3DMovements, speaker, author of More Than Enchanting

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“I can’t recommend Beyond Colorblind highly enough.”


“Beautifully written and astute. Sarah Shin takes readers on a deep, honest, and spiritual journey through the complications of our racial history. Along the way, she dismantles the objections of thin thinking and religious sentimentality while depositing a rich, nuanced, and healthy soil in its place. Whatever your background or level of experience in this conversation, Sarah’s voice and wisdom will add rich texture to your understanding. I can’t recommend Beyond Colorblind highly enough.” – KEN WYTSMA, author of The Myth of Equality  

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For students: use the Beyond Colorblind Toolkit on campus